Milkyway-Cloze: Deep Congnitive Vocabulary Learning

1 Overview

Milkyway-cloze is a web application for vocabulary learning, which

  • Generates vocabularies ONLINE using any article as context.
  • And helps to develop deep and cognitive vocabulary memory by CLOZE practice.



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2 Functions

2.1 Select a level to choose the vocabulary for learning.

2.2 PASTE the article and click START.

2.3 Click CLOZE to launch the spelling practice.

2.3.1 Control keys for the cloze:

  • ,Comma / .Dot : previous / next blank
  • SPACE (or BACKSPACE): clear the current blank
  • 4: toggle marks of the current blank
  • 5: complete the current blank
  • 1: show partial answer of the current blank
  • ;SEMI-COLON (or ENTER): show full answer of the current blank
  • 9: the 5th previous blank
  • 0: the 5th next blank

2.4 Click START-READING to listen to the vocabulary.

The speed (intervals between words) is adjustable.

2.5 EXPORT or LOAD the study record.

  • The last line of the text is used to generate the file name.
  • The date is added automatically.
  • The current record is only refreshed each time you click PAUSE.

2.6 IMPORT-LISTS: Load multiple record files to exclude the redundant words

Any word marked as blue in imported files will be automatically marked blue in the present article.

Blue marks are only rendered after you click EXCLUDE-REDUNDANT

3 Code Explanation

3.1 rules.js

The transformation rules for English postfixes. You may contribute to the clauses to capture more words following the examples bellow:

3.1.1 -s

meets -> meet

3.1.2 -g-n-i+e

voting -> vote

3.1.3 -s-e-i+y

treaties -> treaty

3.1.4 -g-n-i-%2-%s-%1$$

sitting -> sit

  • %1 = aeiou
  • %2 = bcdfghjklmnpqrstvwxyz
  • %s = same charactor
  • $ = restore last deleted

4 About

Please check the project at Github and contact the author for more information.